Discovery User Group Meeting - March 2021

Mar 19 2021 | 11am - 12pm

Mar 19 

  • Member updates - note: first meeting with combined groups so not restricted to Instruction 

UND - Laura, Brittany, Shelby, Sally, Rebecca, Zeineb, Alfred, Karlene: Digital Scholarship series:; Alfred new subject librarian Aero and Science; Shelby working with Rebecca intensively for questions/troubleshooting/discussion/educational pieces; Kristen on campus HLC assessment committee; Holly is leaving her position to go to Southern Oregon University as a GovDoc/OER librarian - we will miss her! 

UJ - Amanda – everyone on staff fully vaccinated – yay! Did some customization – increased size along top - labels along top, what says with login window, accessibility – ODIN can handle this for libraries. 

NDSCS - Amy – nothing new to report 

VCSU - Emily – quiet, more requests for video tutorials 

Minot  - Julia – nothing new to report 

Mayville - Kelly – more heavily promoting libguides and having faculty take ownership of content; even using it to augment/share information that is not available on the website; still haven’t looked at Bboard incorporation but that may be a worthwhile systemwide effort; creating tutorials specific to controlled vocabulary – ERIC/Cinhal that she will put on our Team – thank you!! 

UND Law – Laurie - nothing new to report 

Dickinson - Monica, Staci - Jason assisted with scalability; did prioritization and weighting of results work – old stuff showing up at top so adding date helped; busy spring break; nursing faculty accreditation visit and weeded books; made collections of children’s award winners - as well as pathway to that collection when one does a book search, e.g. We are the water protectors - Liz can do a demonstration at the April meeting but it does need to be implemented on library by library basis – sharing ideas of what’s worthwhile and what isn’t: OER, Graphic Novels, Faculty publications – KB can start a document on Teams 

NDSU – Susanne – grant for a digital scholarship lab in the library 2nd floor and moving VR labs there too – this is in process; print reference was weeded or moved to stacks; GOVOC project; Shelby is trying to make them searchable network wide but it sometimes still includes items that aren’t GOVDOC; Liz worked with NDSU for Local Resource types to handle this 

UND example 


  • ODIN - Ginny, Liz, Nicole, Jason - new ODIN website – testing end of April 
    UI tweaks after accessibility update (Jason) 
    Explained in “report out” section – the Primo updates had overrode some customizations so caused problems 

  • EBSCOhost eBook Reference Companion Collections (Liz) 

  • Consumer Health Complete eBooks 

  • MAS Complete eBooks 

  • Middle Search eBooks 

  • Primary Search eBooks 

Folded into the main ebsco collection and includes juv - Liz is working on getting them into Primo Network Zone (5400 shared titles in there currently); Shelby did a customized list using WMS; Liz says the titles are not already included in the Ebsco databases or Netlibrary, they are supplemental – work with her. 

  • Other discussion items 

  • NDLA AS&L program ideas? Chair elect, Brittany Fischer 

  • “Fetch” problem linking out to Ebsco status? - No answer from Ex Libris yet.