Discovery User Group Meeting - January 2021

Jan 8 2021 | 11am - 12pm

Discussion topics

  • Open Forum
  • Survey for nominations for chair
  • Government Docs scope – ways to handle government docs
    • Any further thoughts?
    • ExL: “I would recommend Alma Normalization rules to create a local MARC field. If you can identify these records I would create a local MARC field such as 945. You can populate a local MARC field with government documents or some other tag so that you can create a local resource type rule.”
      • Could possibly find a local field no one is using and dedicate it as a “gov doc” field.
      • NDSU’s local collection (local to NDSU IZ) that is only electronic
      • 008 S or F were being used prior to VE at NDSU to separate Gov Docs.
      • NDSU and Lynn are working on this – Gov Doc scope and/or material type
  • Instruction User Subgroup
  • Next Meetings