Discovery User Group Meeting - April 2021

Apr 16 2021 | 11am - 12pm

April 16  

  • Demonstration/Instruction 

  • Liz will demonstrate creating collections - will put instructions in teams 

  • Discussion about making the images look good  

  • NDSCS tried to create one with games but they displayed as books – Liz will look into this 

  • How are new titles done – could this be automatic? Could do a search on creation date  and make a set OR title by title as cataloged; NDSU has a logical set for that (Jenny) but there’s some manual aspects in running it; but this could be pulling in new records vs actual new items so having a temporary location can assist on that; more specific sets are curated by subject librarians  

  • Can manage material type by connecting on title level (MMSID) 

  • (will make sure this on the teams list too) 

  • Assessment? Primo Analytics should be able to offer information – maybe Google analytics  - Jason can look at this more to see if Google analytics workaround 

  • It only looks like Analytics can only give counts of access to collections, but not which ones are accessed 

  • URLs to collections are being embedded in research guides/sent in emails at NDSU 


  • Member Updates 

NDSCS / Amy - finished Netlibrary cleanup; added some companion collections that Liz had assembled – Consumer Health and Science 

NDSU / Amy, Jenny, Beth - working with Liz on getting a GovDoc search working – there's a couple different ways and currently using a local resource type but there’s another ways and can do show and tell in future – Liz thinks we need to decide on one way because of changes in Network Zone / Shelby wonders why that’s the case - we need more in-depth conversation on this; major restructuring of website/libguides/tutorials - want to leverage Alma Primo more - Question – more/different meetings for this. Congrats to Susanne:  

Minot State University / Julia 

UND – CFL / Kristen, Laura, Zeineb, Shelby - attending ACRL, completing digital workshop series, will be meeting with local Primo group, we hired a new system librarian – Emily who’s been at CARLI and has Alma experience and done coding 

UND – Law / Laurie 

University of Jamestown / Phyllis 

Mayville – Kelly – attended virtual HLC meeting – co-curricular /assessing student learning – Beth is working on campus too and can share - Kristen wants to be included – think about setting up something parallel – NDUS is starting conversation on this 

  • ODIN updates  

  • Jason reporting on downtime 

  • Enhancement voting – Next time 

  • “Fetch” problem linking out to Ebsco status? - answer from Ex Libris yet? - Liz reported that more metadata is needed – put as much as possible – Vol, Date, etc.  

  • Problem linking to Gale resources? 


  • Possibly of interest - IET (Institution of Engineering & Technology) moved to open access journals in Wiley for 2013+. We figured out their 40+ journals are in this part of the Primo Central if anyone else wants to activate them - IET, 2013 to Present in  Shelby activated it for UND - except for one of them but she contacted the vendor. *Wiley Open Access Collection it was supposed to say where that link is. 



  • Other Discussion Items 

  • LibGuides and Primo: - note we don’t have resource recommender because additional cost 

  • NDLA AS&L program ideas? Chair elect, Brittany Fischer 

  • Personalizing results 

  • Managing display of results