Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - September 2021

Sep 29 2021 | 9 - 10am


Meeting Summary:


  • October Release Notes
    • Production release will be deployed October 3rd
    • Already available in sandbox
      • No interesting updates for Resource Sharing
      • An Alma announcements feature will be added to all environments
  • The 2021 NDLA Annual Conference is Oct. 6th-8th at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks. Come visit us at the ODIN booths!
  • Direct resource sharing w/ Minitex has been set up in NMY, NDJ, & UND Alma instances
    • NMY has observed the Minitex requests take longer to fulfill when submitted through Alma vs. through OCLC
    • Nicole will investigate this

Customizing Alma View

  • Borrowing/Lending requests can be sorted by user preference (by title, creation date, update date, last interest date)
  • The Sort menu can be found under the "assignment tabs" in the request lists
  • Borrowing/Lending list view can be further customized by clicking on the 'manage column display' icon in the upper right of the screen
  • Borrowing request statuses can be customized with different wording
    • "Rejected by partner" will now show as "Rejected by all partners"
    • "Locate failed" will now show as "Automatic Locate failed - Manual intervention required"
    • Reach out directly to Nicole if your library would like this changed back to the default messages

Digital Document Delivery within Alma

  • NMY is the only ODIN library currently using this feature
  • Nicole did a brief demo on the Alma Digital Document Delivery process
  • UND expressed interest in investigating and setting up automatic Electronic Rejection Rules

Ex Libris has put out some Alma Digital Document Delivery videos if you are interested. They are more in depth about configuration options and licensing than Nicole's demo.

The remaining 2021 meetings will continue to be held via Blackboard, then we will switch to meeting via TEAMS in 2022. Nicole will send out the TEAMS link when the 2022 meeting invite is sent.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th at 9am CST