Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - June 2024

Jun 26 2024 | 9 - 10am

Meeting Summary: Updates/Problems/Concerns 


  • February Feature Release – Loan Conditions 
  • Borrowing Task List — Print Slip in Bulk 
  • Automatic article delivery configuration 
  • ISO 18626 Peer to Peer Communication with Tipasa/WS ILL 
    • Putting in a ticket to Ex Libris 

Library Updates 

  • UND - starting document scanning soon for on-campus users; starting campus delivery of physical materials to faculty/staff; looking at providing rush requests; switched to new EBSCO interface 
  • NMI – Shifting downstairs journal collection; Jane’s retirement party today; Jolene’s new library director; switched to new EBSCO interface 
  • NDJ – Roof problems: lost 160 books due to water damage; hoping to have roof problem fixed by end of the summer 
  • NDW - Switched to new EBSCO interface (LibGuide screenshot updates & "how to video"); Dental accreditation prep; LibGuide "clean-up" project w/ rubric  
  • NBJ – Groundbreaking ceremony for new stadium 6/27/24 

Anything else you would like to discuss or address? 

  • Alma and Primo Enhancements 

Next meeting is scheduled for August 28th, 2024, at 9 am CST.