Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - February 2023

Feb 22 2023 | 9 - 10am


Meeting Summary:


  • Alma moving slower, in production and testing - keep track of any patterns and alert ODIN accordingly

February Feature Release (Feb. 2023) Alma 2023 Release Notes

  • Customization of Resource-Sharing Record View and Row Actions List
    • Discussed the ability to customize resource-sharing borrowing and lending task lists: which fields appear for each item and the order and locations in which they appear; additionally, row action configuration improvements allow tasks to be hidden if not used.

Notes and general messages

  • Tina demonstrated the difference between Notes and General messages in resource sharing requests. Notes are strictly internal, only members of that institution can see what is written. General messages are sent to resource sharing partners in the resource request and can be seen, and responded to, by both parties.

Alma/OCLC Automated Lending String

  • Discussed the lending strings available for the Alma-OCLC configuration, which elements transfer from Alma, and how the automated lending string saves time and improved efficiency.

Resource Sharing Directory

  • Tina is working on a list of libraries in Alma who do not have access to OCLC, so institutions can add them as partners. This could prove useful for institutions without WorldShare access or looking to expand access.

Library Updates

  • UND – Uptick in requests for books, more than recent times 

  • NDSCS – ILL seemed slow, but requests are ticking up 

  • BSC – Reference and Instructional librarian Kelsey Riggs started last week 

  • DSU - It's a been a slow start, but definitely picking up coming up to mid-terms. 

  • TBC – I no longer have an assistant and only three student workers, I have had to learn Resource Sharing as that was Jessica's job starting to figure things out a little better

Anything else you would like to discuss or address?

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26th at 9am CST.