Alma Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - December 2023

Dec 27 2023 | 9 - 10am


Meeting Summary:


  • November Release Notes

    • Borrowing letter blank – Fixed 12/4/2023

    • Resource sharing task list facet issues – Any comments/concerns?

    • Demo on linked patron information

Linked Patron Information

Library Updates

  • NDSU - Construction is underway, updating carpet, adding 7 new study rooms and offices, should be finished by spring break

  • UND - New dean took reference staff on library tour in effort to revise service base

  • DSU - Resource sharing stats were low for the semester. Trying to straighten things up around the library, getting ready for spring semester

Upcoming year schedule

  • New invites for the 2024 meetings sent out, please reach out if you were not included on the listserv invitation

User Group Election Results

  • Shannon Hofer, incoming chair

  • Joan Miller, outgoing chair

Anything else you would like to discuss or address?

  • Emails/messages transition to tickets for upcoming leave

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, at 9am CST