Alma Cataloging User Group - September 2023

Sep 11 2023 | 2 - 3pm


  • Katie – Has anyone attended the MINITEX Technical Services Symposium? Shelby attended once a long time ago. Katie says anything technical services related is rare. She thinks she will make the effort because it is nearby and inexpensive. 

Tickets with Ex Libris: 

  • Bibliographic Record Retention (no update) 
  • Sharing NZ data with IZs for analytics (no new update) – This was so an institution can run analytics and retrieve both IZ and NZ data. 

New Topics: 

  • Community Zone Task List – There are four reports you should look at: 
    • Electronic Collection Deleted 
    • Electronic Service Base URL Updated 
    • Portfolio Coverage Update (with local coverage defined) 
    • Portfolio Deleted from Non Auto-Active Electronic Service 
  • DARA – Alma can be configured to only provide recommendations that are relevant to you. Liz showed how to configure DARA to show only the suggestions you want (Configuration > General, and how to change the reports that some DARA suggestions are based upon. 

Open Discussion: 

  • DARA – Are libraries using DARA? Do you find it useful? – Jenny looked at it earlier today. She thinks it is really good for clean-up. She identified some things that she can do. They have a local electronic collection that they set up a few years back that they use for eBook firm orders. DARA found a bunch from before the establishment of the collection and it is suggesting that they group these together, so she can now add them to the electronic collection. DARA found a bunch of old course reserves that she can now pass along to someone to investigate. Tuya discussed using DARA to create a new electronic collection, and Jenny showed how to use DARA to add portfolios to an existing electronic collection. Shelby suggests checking with what you have before creating a new collection and loading portfolios into it. In her example, she would check to see if the portfolios are a duplicate to another collection first.