Alma Cataloging User Group - October 19, 2020

Oct 19 2020 | 2 - 3pm

October 19, 2020 – Academic Cataloging Group Notes

ATTENDING: Amy (NDSCS), Aubrey (NMY), Drew (UND), Felecia (UND), Ginny (ODIN), Jason (ODIN), Julia (NMI), Kelly (NMY), Laurie (UNE), Liz (NBJ), Shelby (UND), Staci (NDI), Stan (UND), Shari (UNW), Tina (NDSU), Lynn (ODIN)

Data Cleanup/Data Review:

  • Browsing call numbers and cutters used in 099 tags
    • NMI -- cutters with 092 for children’s collections, virtual browse uses 050 instead of 090 (based on bib record rather than holding) – STATUS: Fiction that use 099 still problematic.
    • Ben NDV –prefixes are not included (JUV …)
    • NDJ – dewey looks better but children’s fiction (cutter #s in 099) are still a problem.
    • UND “Other type” appears to be sorting by “whole number” rather than digit-by-digit. Updated SF ticket. Thesis 099 -
      UPDATE: Children’s are better; theses still an issue; updates for other problems? No other problems reported. This can be taken off agenda but if you run into issues, please submit help ticket.
  • Shelby created norm rule to delete undesirable fields from OCLC records import. STATUS: Jason has set this up but still not working as expected. UPDATE: Profile is set to OVERLAY instead of MERGE. Jason reached out to MnPALS to see what they are using but has not heard back yet. Shelby has done some testing (will submit issue with foreign language ticket) but thinks there may be a problem with match points.
  • Overdrive access issue – working on NDUS dual enrollment and community patrons. UPDATE: Dual enrollment will remain an issue. Community patrons can go through NDSL to access (or their local public library). This is more of a fulfillment issue and will be referred over to that group.
  • Authorities – Preferred Terms Correction (info sent to listserv 9/17 pm).…
    • Authorities – preferred term turned on for UND (Shelby) and NDSU (Tina) to review – UPDATE: Shelby has not had a chance to work with it due to workload. If fixed in IZ and that is the only holding system wide, it is fixed in NZ also. So far it looks like Shelby does not have to have access to NZ to do the updates. Tina has not tested that but will do so.
    • Authorities Task List
  • NZ related issues
    • NMY Overdrive 856 tags removed in OCLC still coming across. In Primo, they say Check holdings if you want to see the call numbers displayed. Change CHECK HOLDINGS to something else (Click here to check holdings)? ANSWER: In the Get it service labels code table, there is a line for CHECK AVAILABILITY that can be customized if needed. Try updating this and see if it displays as you need. Aubrey has tried a few adjustments and will do further testing. If changed is needed, will put in a ticket for further investigation.
    • NMY – The Coddling of the American mind – format/media limited choices set up through portfolio. Might have to verify fixed fields in bib to make sure it is correct. UPDATE: ALMA would not let them specify the format in the item. This was the display in PrimoVE. Aubrey checked the fixed fields. It appears to be a system limitation. Online Audiobooks shows as Audio CD in PrimoVE. Ebooks show as book. Archival materials in the 008 – only 3 characters allowed for designation. Gov Docs remain a problem / not defined (tag based / fixed field). We have no control over CDI types.
    • New question to think about: Hathi Trust Serials come in with a lot of URLs attached (including many google links). If individual library cleans up some of the extra links in the IZ but record is still linked to NZ, it will get updated and wipe up all the work. This is subjective. Libraries should do this cautiously and if it becomes a problem, it can be revisited. The proprietary links are more of a problem – Serial Solutions.…
  • Shelby had issue with batch changes to record sets – she would bring them in, change in MARCEdit and then reload. NDSU will try and let us know. UPDATE: Tina tried and reported strange results. Shelby and Tina is still working on this and will update us on results. Liz questioned deleting symbol from 040 and then add again next day. Shelby indicated the subfield d is the issue.

New Topics:

  • Meeting schedule – can we reduce to once a month? Second Monday of the month is suggested – next meeting will be November 9th.