Alma Cataloging User Group - June 2022

Jun 6 2022 | 2 - 3pm

Attendees: Michael Lewis, Monica Struck, Shelby Harken, Kelly Kornkven, Jason Bedsaul, Amy Carson, Anja Martin, Linda Olson, Tina Gross, Benjamin Ferguson, Lisa Grover, Jenny Grasto, Liz Mason

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Ongoing Topics:

  • OCLC has started to add headings from other vocabularies to bibliographic records. The concern is how this will affect the Primo display for these records. Liz realized that the 650 _6 fields are being removed from imported records by a normalization rule.
    The NZ import profiles are using normalization rule, ODINA delete fields. It is removing these 650 fields:
    Image of fields deleted by NZ norm rule
    Do we want to have the fields remain in the records and control display in Primo VE, or do we want to continue to remove the fields from the records?
    Discussion: Shelby pointed out that the headings also appear in the 650 7 and she does not want to lose those. She hasn’t worried about it a whole lot. She doesn’t want more stuff to clutter the display. Tina pointed out that the vocabularies that have their own specific indicator are only the bigger ones. She thinks the preponderance of them will have second indicator 7. This could be something for the group to figure out in the future which vocabularies we want and do not want. Shelby has tried in the past to create a display norm rule to specify genre headings she wanted to see. The rule would last until Primo reloads over the weekend and then it is all gone. Another concern for Tina is in both the individual record display and in the facets, the 650 and 655 both being treated as subjects, and she knows it can be done because other instances of Primo have then separately labeled. We will just keep an eye on it and if anyone notices anything amiss, we can put it back on the agenda.
  • Second round of NERS voting- spreadsheets of enhancement requests were sent out prior to the meeting.
    Discussion: We like 7948 “Adding ‘Does not contain’ and ‘not’ search option to Alma. Shelby pointed out the 7753 “Decouple bib-level Material Type: Music into ‘Score’ and ‘Audio’” is due to marc standard only having 7 formats and OCLC bib standard having 8. She found a way to do this in configuration, but it would be better if it was built in. Jenny supports 7880 “Add support for dynamic collections that are automatically updated using logical sets” They have several collections, and it is difficult to maintain them. Regarding the Primo NERS list, Shelby says their reference librarians would be happy if any of them made it through.

New Topics:

  • Cataloging eBooks discussion – A couple of questions from Kelly- how does everyone catalog them, does everyone add their holdings to OCLC, what is your philosophy about them? She has stuff purchased from OverDrive, (at this point we connection to was lost Kelly) While waiting for Kelly to return, Shelby described the process she and Laurie used to import ebook records with an import profile. She also described her process using GOBI- order the ebooks, they put in a brief bib usually without an OCLC number into Alma for the order, she receives a notification containing the URL to use, adds the OCLC number to the order record so it will match. She then exports the records from OCLC to her computer into a single file, then imports them into Alma with an import profile. You can create a set of a batch of portfolios and then you can update them all with notes. The vendor can send you a file of records, or you can create a file when you catalog them in OCLC. Tina pointed out that if you are not working with large numbers of records, you can do them in OCLC one at a time, the way you would do other things. They will typically identify the record they want in OCLC, pre-search for it in Alma so they know if it is already in the network zone or not, open the provisional bib that is attached to the order in the metadata editor, use the search in the metadata editor to bring in the bib that way, and then share it with the network zone.
  • ODIN delete of unused bib records from NZ in July- We did this back in January. Shelby wants a clear definition. Liz said bibs not linked to inventory in anyone’s institution zone. Just a heads up that she’ll be working on it next month.

Open Discussion:

  • OCLC Streamlined holdings project- Kelly did it, she is at the point where she sent the file in to OCLC, and she hasn’t heard anything since. She is in the waiting period. Tina contacted her they received the records, and then the next thing is they will send you a “scan-delete” file. They will ask you to check it over because these are the records that have your holdings in OCLC but did not appear in the file you sent them. Tina advises that you really look carefully at that file, because her file had a ton of mistakes in it. In her scan-delete file there were many records that WERE in the file they sent to OCLC, so they should not be deleted. So now OCLC is investigating this. She had no problems with this process at her previous institution. Valley City did this project years ago and presented at ODIN Workday on it and they had a similar problem.

    ​​​​​​​Please send open discussion topics in to Tina or Liz.