Alma Cataloging User Group - June 01, 2020

Jun 1 2020 | 2 - 3pm

June 1, 2020 – Academic Cataloging Group Notes

ATTENDING: Amy (NDSCS), Aubrey (NMY), Ben (NDV), Drew (UND), Erika (UNF), Ginny (ODIN), Jasmine (NDJ), Jason (ODIN), Jenny (NDSU), Jessica (UNF), Julia (NMI), Kelly (NMY), Laurie (UNE), Liz (NBJ), Phyllis (TBI), Shari (UNW), Shelby (UND), Staci (NDI), Tina (NDSU), Lynn (ODIN)

Data Cleanup/Data Review:

  • NMI - Primo one item said ONLINE when they had online, print and microform, UND - browsing call numbers, UND - cutters used in 099 tags, NMI -- cutters with 092 for children’s collections, virtual browse uses 050 instead of 090 (based on bib record rather than holding) – problem listed in Basecamp.
  • Children’s fiction call numbers are often not in order (TD12709890/SF00821559). UPDATE: ExL reindexed since last meeting. Please check for improvement. Liz and Shelby noted an improvement but there are still issues. NDJ said theirs still does not sort for cutter numbers. Drew (UND) commented that browsing in general just doesn’t seem to work well in ALMA. Shelby mentioned gov docs, theses, other, children’s dewey with cutters do not work. Everything other than LC call numbers seems to have a problem. NDSU does not seem to have a problem with their call numbers. NMY and NBJ use LC and they look good.
  • 856 tags - strip out of NZ records for Overdrive, etc? Example was Zookeeper’s Wife. 856 for P2E file created for cleanup after go-live. Aubrey started a Google Doc to collect titles to be addressed.… NMY BC link: Purpose: Track collections/instances for shared instance so we can capture and test in NZ. Categorize on different tabs. *** Include something other than MMSID since that value will change during go-live
  • NZ Manager: Ongoing discussion as to how to handle NZ – who needs access, what type of access, etc
  • NZ Indication Confusion and the 035|a and 035|z. UPDATE: sent message on BC to go ahead with this.
  • SUDOC numbers difficulty – 852 1st indicator 0 instead of 3 – appears to be fixed?

New Topics:

  • conversation on Basecamp regarding the correct process for cataloging – how does copy cataloging fit in?…
    The record in question was from external resources (Worldcat) – item was not in the NZ. We will follow same procedure. The cataloging is done in OCLC. 856 tags on the record may not be valid.
  • Use import in ME unless you cannot find record. If you are in Connexion, hit F8 update your holdings and say you own it. OCLC runs once a day. The next day, find the record in ALMA NZ to update your item/holding information or portfolio or link to collection. End result is typing more than we had to before but it is not that much.
  • Freeze on table changes – email from late Friday afternoon
  • Welcome to Tina Gross from NDSU!

Before the call on 6/2

  • Submit questions on Importing Records to the discussion section of agenda item on Basecamp

Agenda for 6/2 call

  • Brief update on cutover migration forms
  • Importing Records workflow

For the week of 6/9

  • Primo VE Customizations
  • Review Alma configuration - submit questions
  • Test Primo VE - submit questions

According to Basecamp To-Dos 00 - Key Alma-Primo VE Implementation Phase Milestones:
** SIS load testing ongoing **
** Authentication Configuration Completed / Tested? **
June – prepare final migration forms
Early July – submit final P2E forms
July 10, 2020 – Technical Freeze
July 3, 2020 – Critical 3rd party integrations completed
July 6, 2020 – Alma & Primo Certification Completed
July 24, 2020 - Fulfillment Freeze
July 12-26, 2020 – Cutover Load
July 29, 2020 – Go Live
** Keep track of any concerns/conflicts with the dates so they can be addressed by the PM team.