Alma Cataloging User Group - January 2023

Jan 9 2023 | 2 - 3pm


  • Tina started the meeting off asking if anyone had anything to add to the agenda. She asked people to think of what they would like to see demoed in MarcEdit at the next meeting.
    • Katie stated she would like to see how a collection of records is manipulated and then imported into Alma.
    • Tina stated that she’d also show how to set up Tasks in MarcEdit.

Old Topics:

  • Resource Type for eBooks and eAudiobooks – Liz demoed the resource types she had set up in the premium sandboxes. The UND sandbox had local resource types set up for eAudiobooks and eBooks, and the BSC sandbox had secondary local resource types set up for eAudiobooks and eBooks.
    • There was a discussion about the resource types and secondary resource types, and how they do not update CZ data, just Alma data.
    • If we make this change it will be done on the NZ as well as all the IZs.
    • We should bring this to the attention of the Discovery User Group. People can consult with their reference folks before the next Discovery meeting.

Open Discussion:

  • Taking suggestions for topics