ACAD Resource Sharing User Group Meeting - July 2021

Jul 28 2021 | 9 - 10am


Meeting Summary:

  • Updates
    • August Release Notes
      • The August release will include the new Resource Sharing Directory
      • "The Resource Sharing Directory is a global Community Zone based repository with up-to-date information about resource sharing libraries in Alma. Libraries can use this directory in order to create a resource sharing partner record and locate profile based on information that has been contributed to the repository by the peer library itself. This greatly simplifies the process of creating resource sharing partners, and reduces the chance of errors that  result in no communication between borrower and lender."
      • Stay tuned for more information on this feature once it goes live.
    • Please check the new ODIN website (if not already done so) to verify your library's ILL information 
    • Sandbox refresh is scheduled for Sunday, August 8th. 
      • This will only affect the sandboxes. 
      • If you are testing configurations in the sandbox, please make note of them, so they can be replicated again after the refresh
  • Temporary Inactive for Borrowing/Lending dates
    • Reminder: If your library will not offer Resource Sharing for an extended period of time (staff vacation, summer months, etc.), please make sure you enter those inactive dates into Alma under Configuration --> Library Level --> Fulfillment --> Library Details --> Temporary inactive for borrowing/lending check box
    • You can enter dates for inactive Borrowing, Lending, or both
    • This ensures your library gets skipped on the rota, so you do not having requests sitting in your Requests List unnecessarily
  • New OCLC request workflow option
    • Nicole has been working with Ex Libris to come up with a more efficient workflow for OCLC requests. Any volunteers to help with testing?
      • NBJ, UND, and NDJ volunteered to explore and test the new option with Nicole
  • Resource Sharing Analytics
    • Nicole did a brief demo on how to find and copy readily made reports for Resource Sharing into My Folders to make them more easily accessible
    • Nicole also briefly touched on how to create/design a new report from scratch (Subject Areas: Borrowing Requests, Lending Requests)
    • Do not be afraid to play around and experiment. You won't break anything!
    • If anyone needs individual help, reach out to Nicole to set up a meeting
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 25th at 9am CT 
    • It was decided the monthly meeting schedule will remain intact moving forward
  • There was a discussion on how other libraries handle failed requests that need to be requested via OCLC