OSC Meeting 2021-10-15

Oct 15 2021 | 10 - 11am

1. Roll call of members and attendees; Additions to Agenda (Kelly Kornkven, Chair)
2. Approval of September 17, 2021 Meeting Minutes - must log in to view
3. ODIN Tech Talk Update
4. Cost Formula Committee Update
5. Governing Document Review Plan
6. December OSC Election - need at least two persons to run for each position
          1 Academic Representative (Stephanie Walker has served 2 consecutive terms and cannot run)
          1 School Libraries Representative (Susan Moberg has served 2 consecutive terms and cannot run)
          1 Member-at-Large (Phyllis Kuno has agreed to run)
    December ODIN Advisory Council Chair Election
          1 OAC Chair (Kelly Kornkven has agreed to run)
7. Presentation for OAC meeting


Meeting is ONLINE via Teams - see invite info
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