Linda Allbee to become new Director of ODIN

Announcement from Jody French – June 28, 2022:

ODIN member libraries,

I am pleased to announce that beginning September 3, 2022, Linda Allbee will become the new Director of ODIN as the current Director retires on September 2nd.  The selection committee utilized an established NDUS search process to arrive at their decision. Thanks to Mary Soucie, Kelly Kornkven, Liz Mason and Tom McNaughton for serving on the search committee. Their time and expertise is appreciated!

Linda began her foray into library work as a junior in high school, worked over 20 years in public and academic libraries before she transitioned to IT and instructional duties, all in South Dakota.  She accepted a similar job at ODIN in 2007 and as they say, the rest is history.  Member libraries love her training skills and in 2018 was named Assistant Director of ODIN.  She continued to provide instruction through two migrations 1) to a new Library Services platform for academic libraries and 2) to an Integrated Library System for public, k-12 and special libraries. Linda will continue to work remotely from her home office with Grand Forks as the central work site. 

When Ellen was told of the search committee selection, she was very excited and stated that Linda will do everything possible to continue ODIN’s success and listen to individual library needs and wants.  As Assistant Director of ODIN, Linda has an already established rapport with member libraries within the consortium and an understanding of ODIN processes and procedures.  Linda will apply her extensive knowledge and innovative ways to keep improving member library possibilities for years to come.

Please join Ellen and I in congratulating Linda on her new position.  Please share broadly.

Thank you!

Jody French
Asst. CIO for Enterprise Solutions-Campus Solutions, FIN, HCM, ODIN & Enterprise Services
ND University System