2023 Primo Enhancement - Second Round Voting - June 19 - July 2

Jun 29 2023

 July 5, 2023 - Primo 2023 enhancements - Results Announcement - SEE ATTACHMENT


June 19 – July 2If necessary, a second round of voting takes place on pointed requests (2 weeks)

For more details go to 2023 Alma and Primo Enhancement Requests 

Update June 14, 2023:
There will be an additional voting round for two weeks from Monday 19th June through Sunday 2nd July.

As previously updated, we’ve had an intensive pointing phase this year which went longer than usual (we’re all tired).
At the conclusion, the ELUNA and IGeLU Primo WGs determined that another round of voting was warranted.

For this cycle, decision-making included: 

  1. High number of points for some submissions, including in the very top ranked
  2. Varying scoped solutions for some submissions
  3. Removal of three submissions

We know it’s a little unexpected in your calendars, given we had originally planned for 4th June if we needed another round at all. And we acknowledge it can be a workload challenge if you are reviewing and voting for several products at once, with Alma and Leganto currently open for voting too.

Also there is always somewhere on the planet having holidays!

But we hope it helps that it’s only 17 submissions, and to know that we feel it important to give the additional opportunity to have your say in such cases.

To give even a little bit more time for your review before the ballot opens on Monday, please see the attached spreadsheet:

  • Votable – first tab with 17 submissions
  • Not Votable – second tab with 3 submissions

This includes all the usual details from NERS, as well as Points and Proposed Solution for you to consider when deciding how to apply your votes.


Update May 30, 2023:

An update on the 2023 Primo enhancements cycle

We are currently in the pointing phase for the top submissions from the March voting.
This process is continuing with in-depth discussions with Primo Product Management, requiring additional time.
As such, please be advised that we will not be opening a voting round on 4 June.
It is not yet determined if an additional round of voting will be necessary.
We’ll continue to update as the process continues.


Full 2023 timeline



January 28

Deadline to submit new enhancement requests in NERS (New Enhancements Request System) for the 2023 round

January 29 – March 11

The Primo Enhancements Team* reviews and vets the submissions. This includes dedup’ing, rewrites for clarity, contacting submitters if needed, withdrawing if already in-product, on the Roadmap (if certain) or a bug rather than an enhancement, transferring to Alma and vice versa, and setting up the vote (6 weeks)

Help us! The Enhancements Team are volunteers who do this work on top of their ‘real’ jobs. When submitting requests, please keep in mind the reviewing activities noted above, and make sure to write good clear submissions. See guidelines and examples here

March 12 – April 2

Voting round (3 weeks)

Note: This is a longer period to allow for consideration of the full list of submissions, and avoids the Easter holiday period 7-10 April

April 3 – April 6

The Enhancements Team reviews the results, and they’re sent to Ex Libris to assign development points

Note: The top 20 are requested to be pointed, per the Product Development Collaboration Agreement, but the full list of results are sent as a good opportunity for Ex Libris to see community interests

April 7 – June 1


Ex Libris assigns development points and the Enhancements Team determines if a second round of voting is needed, such as if there is doubt over community preference with rejected requests or no clean alignment of assigned points for top submissions against the available points (8 weeks)

Reminder: We borrowed 5 points last year, so we have 195 for Primo in 2023

TBD date and necessity

June 4 – June 18

If necessary, a second round of voting takes place on pointed requests (2 weeks), or otherwise we’ll advise of the successful accepted submissions to be delivered

And then? 

Ex Libris delivers the accepted enhancements within one year, customarily by the next September