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Organizer: Shelby Harken-UND
Clarice Hackman-NWQ; David Iverson-NMI; Kelly Brager-NMY; Dorrene Devos-UNE; Eileen Chamberlain-FSH; Jackie Lang-NFG; Jasmine Mielke-NDJ; Judith Koester-ZNF; Liz Mason-NFJ; Mike Safratowich-UNF; Rita Ennen-NDI; Stacey Goldade-NDS; Toni Vonasek-NGF
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ODIN OCLC Loader FAQ for Aleph.

ODIN OCLC Loader Status (08/21/2007)

NDLA 2006 ODIN/ALEPH Triggers persentation (powerpoint)

How to limit data sets for reports (Powerpoint "how to" 5/09/2007)
Some reports can take hours and even days to run. The Retrieve Catalog Records (p_ret_01) is one such report. One way to significantly reduce run time and load on system is to limit the number of records to process. Once a smaller group of records is identified, it can be used as the “input dataset” to the longer running processes

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