Aleph TEST Client Installation

  1. Open Windows Explorer and go to the directory on your PC called 'inst500'.
  2. Delete all files in the inst500 directory.
  3. Select your ADM from the dropdown list below.
  4. Switch to Windows Exlorer open to the 'inst500' folder on your PC and double click or 'open' the file you just downloaded. (The downloaded file will have the format 'GUI500-xxx-405z'. The 'xxx' represents your ADM code. The 'z' is a code you can ignore.) A DOS window will open showing the files being unpacked. You will then have an inst500 folder with many files in it.
  5. Then... 'open' the 'SETUP.EXE' file. That will start the installation process. Add the word "TEST" after 'ALEPH 500 405' the two times it is presented. This will create a program group called 'ALEPH 500 405 TEST'
  6. Open the Alpeh Administration client, do not enter a username and password. (Click "Cancel")
  7. Start the application anyway. (Click "yes").
  8. Click Configuration / Libraries Manager
  9. Go to the "Libraries" tab.
  10. Under "Host name" on the right make the server "libserv1" (change the "0" to "1").
  11. Under "Port" make the port "6991"
  12. Click box "Apply to all".
  13. Click box "Apply" at the bottom of the "Libraries Manager" window.
  14. Click "Close" at the bottom of the "Libraries Manager" window.
  15. Close the Client.
  16. From "Start" go to the 'ALEPH 500 405 TEST' program group and click "version check".
  17. Click "All" to accept the updates.
Your client will now be pointing at the Test Server ( libserv1 ), updated and ready to use.

Select your ADM from the dropdown list and click "Go".