PLIF Info Page

PLIF load request checklist -

  1. ______ Verify that tab31 has been updated and is ready to go prior to submitting a PLIF request
  2. ______ Who should be loaded? Students, Fac/Staff, or both (default to both if nothing is specified)
  3. ______ What Term should be loaded? (default will be current semester if no term is specified)
  4. ______ What server is the load for? Production or Test. (default to 'Production' if nothing is specified)
  5. ______ Are Addresses to be loaded? (Yes/No) ( default is 'No' if not specified?)
  6. ______ Would you like the file loaded in UPDATE mode if no errors are reported in NON-UPDATE mode? Note: you will still receive the report file to review.
Then... SUBMIT AN ODIN HELP DESK TICKET for each load. Include the checklist information in each ticket. You may submit multiple tickets if you are planning a series of loads, such as at the beginning of a semester.