ODIN Advisory Council
April 23, 1998
Minutes of Meeting over IVN

Advisory Council members and proxies present (* denotes voting member):
Chair - Lila Pedersen - UND Health Sciences
ODIN Director - Tony Stukel
* UND Health Sciences - Judy Rieke
* UND Law - Gary Gott
* UND Chester Fritz - Pat Berntsen for Frank D'Andraia
* Minot State - Larry Greenwood
* Dickinson State - Bernnett Reinke
* UND Williston - Melanie Numberg for Kelly Hell
* UND Lake Region - Sharon Evensen
* Minot State Bottineau - Jan Wysocki
* State College of Science - Jerald Stewart
* Jamestown College - Phyllis Bratton
* Valley City State - Darryl Podoll
* Fargo Public - Beth Postema
* Grand Forks Public - Dennis Page
* Dickinson Public - Bernnett Reinke for Cheryl Tollefson
* ND State Library - Doris Daugherty for Mike Jaugstetter
* Supreme Court Law - Ted Smith

Advisory Council members absent and not represented:
Mayville State
Hillsboro HS/Public
Dickinson High School
Bismarck State

Others present:
ODIN office - Ellen Kotrba
UND Chester Fritz Library: Shelby Harken, Randy Pederson
UND Health Sciences - Theresa Norton, Mike Safratowich
UND Law - Rhonda Schwartz
Minot State - Susan Podrygula, Jane LaPlante
Dickinson State - Eileen Kopren, Lillian Sorenson
State College of Science - Mary Kroshus, Karen Chobot
Jamestown College - Brenda Fisher, Diane K., Beth Sorenson
Mayville State - Marge Fugleberg
Bismarck State - Jane Schulz
Fargo Public - Liz Mason
ND State Library - Cindy Larson
Altru Hospital - Ann Pederson
ND State Hospital - Gene Haugen
St. Alexius Hospital - Mary Wieben
NDSU - Richard Bovard, Mark England, Fran Fisher, Tom Bremer
HECN - Mick Pytlik

The meeting was called to order over IVN at 9:00 a.m.

The following information was reviewed regarding the process of selecting and migrating to a new system:

1. The overall timeline and its rationale, including: cessation of PALS support, anticipated time when vendors will have software sufficiently developed, time needed for the RFP and selection process, time needed for migration, and the legislative schedule.

2. Overall cost for a new system ($2 million will be requested from the legislature) The chair called for a roll-call vote to approve the timeline, which specified requesting funding from the legislature in the session beginning January 1999, issuing RFP in January 2000, and beginning migration by January 2001. The motion passed unanimously.

Shelby Harken then presented the Vendor Study Task Force plan for holding vendor demonstrations. Three representative vendors will be brought in: DRA, Endeavor, and VTLS. Second choices are CGI, Ex Libris, and Horizon. The main purposes will be to familiarize ourselves with the new generation of systems, to begin to get familiar with conversion issues, and to prepare for writing the RFP. If possible, demos will be held on three consecutive days, with each vendor being allotted one day. First choice of time is July 27-29.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.