ODIN Advisory Committee

October 24 & 25, 2002

Bismarck, North Dakota


Present:  Jan Wysocki - MSU/Bottineau, Larry Greenwood - Minot State, Ted Smith - ND Supreme Court Law Library, Gerald Newborg – State Historical Society of ND, Gary Gott - UND Thormodsgard Law Library, Leeila Bina – Q&R Medcenter One – THOR rep, Wilbur Stolt - UND Chester Fritz Library, Lila Pedersen - UND H.E. French Library of the Health Sciences, Charles Pace – Fargo Public Library, Dennis Page, Chair - Grand Forks Public Library, Phyllis Bratton – Jamestown College, Darryl Podoll – Valley City State University, Lillian Crook - Dickinson State, Celeste Ertelt – Lake Region State College, Doris Ott – ND State Library, Marlene Anderson – Bismarck State College, Karen Chobot – ND State College of Science, Shelby Harken – UND Chester Fritz Library, Ellen Kotrba – ODIN, Tony Stukel – ODIN, Pamela Drayson – NDSU, Cindy Larson – ND State Library, Gary Johnson – SDLN, Dolores Vyzralek – State Historical Society of ND


October 24, 2002


Chair Dennis Page called the meeting to order at 1:00pm in the Governors Room at the Doublewood.  Page asked if there were any corrections to the minutes from either the October 23 & 24, 2001 or the July 29, 2002 meetings.  It was suggested to delete the word “the” from the sentence (…… planning discussion to each director.) in the October 23rd minutes and to update the spellings of Phyllis Kuno and Doris Ott on the July 29th minutes.  Charles Pace then made a motion to approve the minutes as amended and Darryl Podoll seconded.  Motion approved.


ODIN Director Report


Grant Crawford was unable to attend due to ERP implementation.  Tony Stukel presented ODIN, IVN and NDUS highlights.  For more information, see:




Lillian Crook commended Tony for keeping ODIN library interests in the forefront of NDUS decision-making.  Due to each library’s unique contributions, Stukel keeps NDUS aware of what’s needed to enable North Dakota libraries to continue to fulfill the needs of ND library citizens.


Stukel reported on the Information Technology Coordinators Group and that he is involved in the Tech document being submitted to the Legislature.


ConnectND is the project which will provide financial, human resources and other administrative support services to state government.  This project is shared by the state Information Technology Department and the NDUS.  Information on the project can be found at:




Valley City and Mayville are the first NDUS campus to use the new system and have certain some ConnectND components in production (admissions and business office).






StageNet has also been referred to as “the network rollout”.  It includes the expansion of IVN, expansion of networking to schools and libraries, and the licensing of network content (Electric Library).  During this network expansion ODIN libraries have had some issues with IP changes which caused problems with statewide database access.  Procedure for trouble shooting such problems and preventing them is being evolved and improving. 


Grand Forks Public Library is in the process of changing to ITD for their T-1 line.  Coordination is important when dealing with IP changes so that access is minimally impacted. 


Electric Library usage is about 82% K-12; 8% NDUS; and 4% public libraries.  Digital certificates may negate need for IPs in the future.


At the University of North Dakota computer center a new UPS (universal power supply) has been ordered and will be implemented soon on the UND campus.  ODIN will contribute to the purchase of the unit and will benefit from it.





Lila Pedersen reported on an NLM internet connection grant; PDA (personal digital assistance) booth at the Upper Great Plains Technology conference at the Fargodome; NLM “Virtual Reference Live” grant (partnering with Hawaii Medical Library); and implementation of ILLiad at their library. 


Larry Greenwood reported that Janet Essency is leaving Minot State University for a position in the state of Maine; Jane laPlante and Susan Podrygula are coordinating a Joyce Carol Oates Symposium; and that the library has no book budget this year. 


Doris Ott reported on their participation in the National Book Festival in Washington DC where they partnered with the ND Tourism Dept and Washburn Interpretive Center to create Sacagawea bookmarks as they promoted their book character of Sacagawea; involvement in workshops around ND to promote and teach Gale, ProQuest, Electric Library and ODIN databases.  Ott also noted these new libraries in ODIN:  Carrington Elementary and High School, Hillsboro Elementary School, Hope-Page Schools, Mandan Public Schools, Midway School at Inkster, Napoleon School, Velva School & Public Library and West Fargo Public Library. 


Lillian Crook reported that they have a subscription to New York Times Historical Newspapers; are holding “Book Discussion Sessions” and their participation at the Arts & Humanities Summit. 


Ellen Kotrba indicated that the Grand Forks Air Force Base Library is also new in ODIN.  Celeste Ertelt commented that student works and volunteers are an invaluable asset to her library and library usage is increasing. 


Ted Smith reported they have budget cut issues. 


Gary Gott indicated he is on his last year on the University President’s Council and indicated the budget shortfall is still there.  Gott indicated they have let the bid for compact shelving and will be putting most of their collection in the basement.  This summer his library will be doing major shifting of books. 


Darryl Podoll commented on the Virtual Reference module of Docutek.  They have set it up for the hours of 10am-noon and 1-3pm but reference seems to be most used between 6-10pm and believes that this module doesn’t seem to replace reference staff.  Podoll is continuing to use “Serials Solutions” as a collection development tool.  They also did some remodeling in the library, most notably bringing Cataloging down to the main floor and instituting CyberCafe on 2nd floor.  Food and drinks are now allowed in the library. 


Charles Pace announced that Southpointe (their new branch library) opened August 6, 2002 and 10,000+ people were through the doors the first week.  500 new library cards were issued.  Gates & LSTA funds have contributed to more computers and increased internet usage.  Pace also commented about a grant that allowed a YA (young adult) computer lab to be set up.  He also indicated Fargo Public Library is hosting Emporia State classes. 


Marlene Anderson reported they have received 17 applications for their Technology Services librarian position and they are also involved in a Book Talk grant – “Great Books – Great Films”. 


Phyllis Bratton indicated her budget has not been cut and in fact was increased.  Jamestown College in experiencing record enrollment in the freshman class and staff presented 26 library orientation classes in the first week.  Bratton and TyRee are also teaching an information literacy class.  They are in the midst of re-designing their web page and continuing work on their archives. 


Karen Chobot announced the 100th anniversary of the college and much work is being put into the celebration.  Chobot also commented on a current project – “One City – One Book” where they are partnering with Leach Public Library and the Breckenridge Public Library to read one book city-wide (White Crosses).  She also indicated they are cutting paper serial subscription to cover a 10% decrease in their budget. 


Jan Wysocki reported they are dealing with a 2% budget cut and that their campus library class is required. 


Wilbur Stolt reported on their new wireless setup for patron usage.  Three laptops and wireless card are available for checkout.  UND is also involved in a pilot project dealing with a campus-wide printing system.  Student government is giving students 200 free prints.  UND is undergoing re-accreditation.  UND, NDSU and UND Medical Library are participating in cooperative resource sharing.  Betty Gard, UND was named NDLA Librarian of the Year. 


Pam Drayson reported that no budget cuts are anticipated although she froze book budget at 50%.  The Health Science branch has been renovated.  Drayson indicated an official notification to join ODIN would be sent to MnSCU/PALS when ODIN negotiations with Ex Libris are complete. 


Gerald Newborg reported that very soon, the Bismarck Tribune will be features on Newspapers Archive.com.  For more information, see:  http://www.state.nd.us/hist/newshome.htm   Click on NewspaperArchive.com


SDLN Report


Gary Johnson reported on various happenings in SDLN and indicated that their selection will be broadcast very soon.  A lot of work lies ahead with a lot of project planning.  In South Dakota, the race is on regarding “who’s first to migrate”.  SDLN’s UNISYS deadline is September 2004.  SDLN is anticipating cooperating with MnSCU and ODIN in as many migration issues as possible.




Stolt restated the recommendation of their committee to Ex Libris and the ODIN Advisory Council approval of that recommendation both via the July 29th IVN meeting and subsequent online voting.  Thanks were expressed to all participants in the process and the directors for allowing staff to take time off to provide valuable input into the process.  Stukel recommended putting letters of commendation into the personnel files of those who assisted in the process.  Page offered to do this task.




There was a lot of discussion on what types of migration issues would be facing ODIN libraries.  Also, who would go first and how would this be decided.  Stukel noted there would be many phases to this process.  There most certainly will be a cleanup phase of existing data as data is looked at, compared and ultimately scheduled for migration.  M-Teams (Migration teams), User Groups and tutorials will be important aids through-out the process.  An example of what may take place:

            Identification of what data to migrate

            Cleanup of data as necessary

            Mapping of data elements from PALS to Ex Libris

            Data Migration phase


            Pre-training of staff – to allow time for staff to form questions, etc for when real

                        training begins


            Perhaps more data migration or redo’s of data migration

            More Testing

            Formal Training

            When ready, migrate the first library


            More Training

            Continue with other libraries

            More Testing and Training

            Complete migration

            Archive necessary files from PALS

            Turn off PALS files

            Shut off UNISYS machines


Stukel will contact ODIN libraries to ask for their responses concerning:


  • Training expectations
  • Experts in their Libraries & their vacation plans
  • Projects in the works at libraries which may preclude certain migration timeframes
  • General migration concerns
  • The time/order the library would prefer to be up on Ex Libris


The meeting adjourned at 5pm.



October 25, 2002


Chair Dennis Page called the meeting to order at 8:30am in the Governors Room at the Doublewood. 




Darryl Podoll, Chair of the E-book committee reported on a grant that is being submitted to LSTA.  Others on the committee are Kathy Richardson (NDSU libraries); Judy Rieke (UND Medical Library); Mary Drewes (UND Chester Fritz Library); Karen Chobot (NDSCS Library); Susan Podrygula (Minot State Univ. Library); Rhonda Schwartz (UND Law Library); and Marian Ford (Dickinson State Univ. Library).  The grant is for approximately $34,000 to purchase Science and Technology e-books which will be placed into the Minitex collection.  Minitex e-books have a three-day checkout period. 


Other e-book discussion ensued.  E-books dealing with technology are most welcome in this environment due to the fact they go out of date very quickly.  Concerns were noted that netLibrary has now been taken over by OCLC and not all the kinks have been worked regarding cost issues.  Ongoing access charges appear to be on the horizon.  The access cost of an online e-book may equal or be less than the cost of owning a book and keeping on the shelves.  Some felt that e-book usage may be clogging bandwidth.  E-books appear to be cumbersome to read.  Most felt that e-books don’t replace the collection but supplement it and that being on the cutting edge of new technology most certainly will help in deciding how e-books may be used in the future.  When asked, Stukel pointed out that there is no cost to libraries who decide to load the e-books into their online catalog.  He will take the total e-book count of the Minitex collection away from the library title count (for those libraries opting to load e-books) when billing.  It was also noted that the ND State Library paid for the $100 one-time cost for a library who wishes to load the Minitex  e-book collection into their catalog.




The three-year contract for Gale is up in June 2003 and Gale indicates they may allow the contract to be extended a year to allow the Minnesota budget situation to calm down.  Doing a RFP during this time is not feasible.  Minitex did opt out of the ProQuest contract and ODIN did pay the cost this year under our own contract.  Tony Stukel was asked to outline options to libraries in November. 


Doris Ott indicated that $400,000 was included in their optional budget for funding for statewide databases.  Arguments will include “economic tool” and “investment in technology infrastructure”.  Ott encourages everyone to talk to legislators in their communities now during the campaigns.


Stukel indicated he uses 400+ list of all ND libraries when negotiating contracts so as not to leave someone out.  It was noted by those in attendance that reference librarians should be involved in new database ideas.




The next Library Coordinating Council meeting is November 14 & 15, 2002.  The 2010 draft has been sent out on various electronic lists and all are invited to comment.  There will be wording changes in legislation mainly dealing with the new name and changes in ideals.  New members on the Council include Phyllis Kuno, Trinity Bible College replacing Phyllis Bratton; Iris Swedlund, Velva School & Public Library replacing Mickey Butz; and Cheryl Tollefson, Dickinson Area Public Library replacing Jerry Kaup. 


The ND State Library is requesting $237,500 in LV2004 funding for grants for partnerships, innovative projects, connectivity and adding of records to statewide database.  Many new libraries are interested in joining ODIN although no new libraries will be configured for the next two year during migration.  These libraries will be figured into negotiations.  The reason for the halt is that costs for the new system are unknown and Stukel likes to apprise the library of ongoing costs before they make their decision to join.  Ott did mention that there is a new “joint powers agreement” in place for schools that increases their ability to fund and pay as a group instead of consolidation.




Page indicated that the current governance document needs updating with NDSU and all the other libraries that have been joining ODIN.  Lila Pedersen has agreed to chair the committee and Phyllis Bratton, Gary Gott, Charles Pace and Doris Ott agreed to be on the committee.  They will look at the kinds of libraries, voting structure, and other changes that appear necessary.  They expect to have a draft ready for the April meeting. 


User Groups were discussed.  The ODIN Office will become the facilitator of all user groups.  This merely means that they will schedule at least one user group per year, more if needed (specific by subsystem as necessary).  They will post regularly to the electronic lists to inspire comments.  There will be five User Groups and their electronic lists are:


ODIN-CIRC                    Circulation, Inventory, Booking Depcon, etc. issues

ODIN-ACQ-SER Acquisitions, Serials, Binding, etc. issues

ODIN-ILL                       Interlibrary Loan issues

ODIN-REFERENCE       Reference, Database issues

ODIN-MED                    Cataloging, Marc Editor issues


These lists are all “at” @LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU.  It is hoped that the User Groups will become very active as we begin the Ex Libris implementation.


The next ODIN Advisory Council has been tentatively scheduled for April 24 & 25, 2003 in Minot, ND.  Meeting adjourned at 11:45am.