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Website Upgrade August 2nd

Library staff logging in for the fist time on this new site will have to reset your password to re-establish your login.

There is a new look to the site. The same content and links are here. In a few cases their location on the screen have changed or the order of menu lists may be different. Here are a few key changes that should help you get re-settled at the new site.

1. Important!! The "Log in" link has moved to the upper right of the screen. A more standard location for login/logout.
2. You will need to obtain a password per statement above. Because your login is 'new' to this site. You can use the password you have been using. However, perhaps this is the time to change to a stronger password?!?
3. Your favorites will need to be re-built.
4. Note that the order of the "Library Staff" menu on the bottom left of the screen (after you login) will be in alphabetical sort order by the 'name' of the page.
5. There is a "Help Ticket" link on the home page footter if you are not logged in. When you are logged in as library staff there is a "Submit a Ticket" navigation tab along the top of the page.